Holiday Survival Guide

As I’m writing this we are currently two thirds through December and the holidays are reaching their final form. The egg nog & other non-nasty

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The Best Recovery Tool

Post-workout shakes, gatorade, nuun tablets, foam rolling, percussive therapy, creatine, cold showers, deep-tissue massage, float tank, normatec boots, whoop band, apple watch breathing, juice cleans,

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Get Healthier with Routines

I know, such a catchy title right?? Who doesn’t click the link for a routine blog immediately!? Sure, it sounds super boring, I get it.

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Why YOU Need a Coach

What is a coach? Why the heck do you need one? No one’s a full expert on anything: everyone needs a mentor in their lives.

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How Often Should I Workout?

One of the questions I hear most often, especially with people that are just starting out, is: “How often should I come in?” I respond

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Your Fitness & the World

Hey there guys. Cal here. The other day I found myself in a rabbit hole while researching a quote that I’m sure many of you

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